Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The poster is here!

So far so good!
The original document quality is a bit better, but you get ther idea ;)
I'll be printing them off tomorrow.
Exciting times!


  1. Was there ever a venue announced for this? And is it still running?

  2. Hi! I got a bit side-tracked after not finding the right venue BUT I am now thinking Jika Jika on 7th Nov from 6pm? Would you be interested?:)
    I'm gonna make some new posters!:D

  3. Hello. Is this going to happen and, if so, when and where?

  4. Hi everybody!
    Yes!!! We are on! Come hang out and share your favourite poems! Next meeting on Friday 9th November (next week!) at Jika Jika - look for us in the back of the room from 6.30pm!
    I just confirmed it today and I'll be putting up posters around town tomorrow!
    Can't wait to see what people bring in!:D
    I hope to see you there!
    Tell your friends!:)