Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Welcome to Bath Poetry Book Club!

I was just thinking: I wish Bath had a poetry book club.

I wish perhaps once a month I could meet up with people who love discovering and celebrating poems. I wish I could hear their favourite limericks, avant-garde poem-dokus, heart-aching romantic sonnets...
Well, why not?

The Bath Poetry Book Club has a simple goal: to bring together those who love poetry and expand their horizons. We are going to organise the first club meeting in the evening on Monday the 8th of October, venue to be confirmed!
We are now open for suggestions: which poem should people know about? Which poem would YOU save from extinction?

Poems will be read, beverages will be consumed, fun will be had by all!

I am preparing posters to be put up around town to advertise our first event! Please get in touch if you have poem suggestions or if you'd like to get involved in any shape or form!

The most succinct and eloquent of the literary forms needs you!!!

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